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  • Rust issues with Cement Driveways

    In Florida, rust staining on cement driveways is a very common issue, below I have listed the most common causes, that commonly require professional removal. Metallic objects: Items like metal furniture, tools, or decorations left on the driveway can rust over time, especially if they're exposed to moisture from rain or irrigation systems. When rust forms on these objects, it can transfer onto the driveway surface when they come into contact with it. Water quality: Florida's water may contain minerals or other compounds that can promote rust formation. If water containing iron or other rust-inducing minerals is used for irrigation or if rainwater runs off from rusty surfaces onto the driveway, it can lead to rust staining over time. Fertilizers: Some fertilizers contain iron as a micronutrient, which can cause rust stains if they're spilled or spread onto the driveway during gardening or lawn care activities. Landscape materials: Mulch, gravel, or other landscaping materials containing iron oxide can contribute to rust staining if they're placed directly on or near the driveway and become wet. Golf Cart--THE WORST! If your golf cart is causing battery acid staining on your cement driveway, it's essential to address this issue immediately to prevent further damage to the driveway surface. Battery acid stains can be particularly stubborn and unsightly, Unless it is dealt with immediately, Battery acid staining penetrates deep into the surface of the cement and requires specific treatment to -protect and seal from further damage. In many situation we recommend a driveway staining and seal treatment post battery acid removal.

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